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Cursed Diamond (Black Crowes Tribute) serves up a smoking evening of freak ’n roll featuring the music of the Black Crowes. Cursed Diamond has the near-magical combination of the elements that reincarnate the genuine flavor of all the classic 70s influences so prevalent in the Crowes music. The power to kick out all the Crowes hits, and the ability to channel the cosmic live Crowes jams. A full stage line-up including female soul backup and conga/percussionist, can faithfully reproduce all the music on the original records, not just cover the songs. Our repertoire includes all 17 of the Crowes top charting singles, along with a load of classic deep cuts and fan favorites. With over 4 hours of music, we have plenty to make the right choices to please any crowd, venue, festival or show. We’ll bring the vibe, you tell us where to put it.

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What is your favorite Black Crowes album?

Shake your money maker 10
The Southern harmony and musical companion 9
Amorica 4
Three snakes and one charm 1
By your side 0
Lions 1
Warpaint 1
Before the frost 0
Wiser for the time 60
86 responses
Cursed Diamond and Austin Howell have chosen to part ways as of 08.03.14. After 3 years and many gigs, the band will be moving forward with a new lead singer. We wish him luck in his endeavors and we intend to keep bringing you more and better crowes shows with our new line-up. This is not our first line-up change over the years (actually it’s the fourth), and it may not be our last. But we truly deeply love the Crowes music and we love performing it for you, and we will continue to build and improve our show to keep bringing it to you. 
For now, know that all videos and photos of the band before the above date are legacy material. We will show you new stuff as soon as we make it. As with any band, you may see any of several former members if you look through our older shows but our current line-up is posted on here and on our website bios and that is who you can expect to see on stage at every show.
Cursed Diamond loves you, we will see you all very soon to get your Crowes on.
side note: We are in rehearsals with our new singer and will not be missing any shows. You're going love what we have in store for you. Formal announcements (he deserves his own) and new material coming soon.

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