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CURSED DIAMOND wants to bring the genuine Black Crowes experience to you and is available for clubs, concerts, festivals, corporate events, private parties, etc.

...and comes in two flavors:
8 piece (with female backup singer and percussionist): pulling out all the stops and bringing the big show including soulful southern harmonies and a tasty "Amorica/Three snakes" line-up.

6 piece (the core Crowes line-up): everything it takes to deliver our custom, smoky brand of Crowes-drenched freak and roll

Both flavors are southern fried and can both crank out the classic grooves to keep the dancing and drinking crowd oiled up, as well as channeling the Crowes extended vibe to satisfy the jam crowd palate. We'll bring the groove, you tell us where to put it. *

(while the above noted line-ups are the usual case we have been known to do 7 piece shows with the core and either just percussion or just a soul girl added, and for really big shows we bring the percussionist and a two girl vocal section for the great big 9 piece Southern Harmonic extravaganza. Whatever it takes, you can bet we're gonna bring it.)

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Terry Wayne Ranson


Brad Lucky

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