Above audio (studio session). Recorded live as a single take for all instruments in the November Birthday session. No click track, no overdubs, no auto tune, this is what the band sounds like.

P.25 London

Written By: Chris and Rich Robinson 
Played live by the Crowes: 104 times.


I am a cobweb
in the corner of the room
I tell you I build myself a boat baby
so c'mon and cry me a monsoon

get busy on it
and make it deep

imagine how surprised all the kids will be
empty bottles, saviors they crawl
that has always been and will always be
there's a hornet's nest in my head,
come and save me

If I dont say nothing (if I don't say nothing)
you say now tell us what to do
so I tell ya'll this is just how I feel
someone else calls it the news
but that's yesterday
yesterday's news


Notes: This song was originally recorded and finished for Tall and then rerecorded for the Amorica album.
information from crowesbase