Common Ground

"And I might even find myself, but then again, what happens if I do..."

The planets aligned in 2011, with a meeting of headspace among the founding members. After jamming together at a party, the three got together to write, jam and explore the obvious chemistry. In the process, they discovered an enduring common influence, a love of the Crowes music, and all the 70s influences that are so prevalent in the Crowes vibe. Together we chose to indulge this publicly and formed CROWE SHOWE. With all the right ingredients, the band chose to go one step further and sweeten the mix with a female soul backing vocal for that Southern Harmony authenticity and a percussionist for the spicy Amorica groove. The result is the tastiest, most authentic, southern recipe, that will satisfy the appetite of the most discerning Crowes fan.

most photos Thomas E. Moore
Thomas' facebook page

David George as Chris Robinson

Lead Vocals • David's bio forthcoming
fav Crowes songs: Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye, Thorn in my Pride, A Conspiracy, & By Your Side.
fav Crowes album: Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

Charley Wiles as Marc Ford

Lead Guitar • Charley's bio forthcoming
fav Crowes album: Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
fav Crowes songs: No speak no Slave, Wiser Time, Under a Mountain, Good Morning Captain

Terry Wayne Ranson as Steve Gorman

DRUMS • Born in Tulsa, been accused of playing drums even in his sleep. Moved to Dallas at 20 and started a dozen year period of touring with Rocky Athis and Lightning, Crossroads South (with Guitarfreak Rick Brannon), Squire, Release, Rage, and a long stint with the Mollie Maguire (with Andy Timmons). His influences include: John Bonham, Kenny Jones, Barrymore Barlow, Simon Phillips and Jojo Mayer. After an 18 year break to raise a child solo, he's been back to his first love, music. He splits his time as a founding member of the Crowe Showe and performing as John Bonham with Swan Song - A tribute to Led Zeppelin (as well as a few other acts). I bring the groove, drums obey me.
fav Crowes album: Amorica
fav Crowes songs: Cursed Diamond, Oh Josephine, Sometimes Salvation and No speak No slave

Hutton Ferrell as Rich Robinson

GUITAR • Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Hutton took interest in the guitar at the age of 12. Coming from a musical family, he never sat it down. He has been playing in clubs ever since learning how to play. His major influences are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Slash, Joe Bonamassa, and Jimmy page.
Fav Crowes Album-Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
Fav Crowes songs- No Speak No Slave, Black Moon Creeping, My Morning song, Virtue and Vice

Brad Lucky as Eddie Harsch

KEYBOARDS, HARMONICA • Born in Oklahoma where he started studying music at age 4 which has contributed to his ability to thoroughly dissect music while still finding its ultimate soul. After moving to Texas, his performance experience has ranged from classical to a country/rock band to a 12-member contemporary Christian band that he has managed and fronted for the last 11 years. Influences go way beyond just great keys: Ray Charles, Eddie Harsch, Tom Scholz, Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, Elton John, Gabriel Faure.
fav Crowes album: Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
fav Crowes songs: Sting Me, Cursed Diamond, P.25 London, Descending and Black Moon Creeping

Carlos Villalobos as Sven Pipien

BASS • Born and raised in Southern California, Carlos began playing guitar at age 15, learning crude covers of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Stones, Judas Priest, Kiss, & Rush hits and album cuts.  A few years later, he found himself in a garage band with 3 guitar players and 1 drummer.  After quickly doing the math, he switched over to bass, and the rest is history.  He has played in heavy metal, blues, classic rock, top 40, Motown, 80s new wave, and many other type bands over the years.  After moving to the DFW area and taking many years off to raise a family, he decided to get back to his first love of making music. He has been jamming with many different bands in DFW over the last few years, and is very excited to be playing with Cursed Diamond.
fav Crowes album: Southern Harmony & Musical Companion
fav Crowes songs: Sting Me, Wiser Time, High Head Blues, Black Moon Creeping, Sometimes Salvation

Christy Rogge as The Choir

BACKING VOCALS • Born in Pennsylvania, but grew up in Edmond, OK, she considers herself an Okie. From an early age, Christy was involved in musical theater, and she developed a passion for music, the arts and good ol’ rock ‘n roll that has stuck with her ever since. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, she moved to Dallas where she's been since 2006. Music influences include Blues, Southern Rock, Jam, Gospel...heck, really any music that stirs the soul, or inadvertently causes my booty to start dancin'!
fav Crowes album: Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (it's ineveitable, all the ladies love this one)
fav Crowes songs:
Stare it Cold, Black Moon Creeping, Virtue and Vice, High Head Blues, Sting Me, Girl from a Pawnshop

Rob Tovar as Chris Trujillo

 PERCUSSION • Rob has a mohawk but usually just slicks it back with Murray's pomade. Rob's lifelong obsession with rhythm began at the young age of 7 when his early influences were Buddy Rich and Tito Puente. Rob's later discovery of his sister's Led Zeppelin albums led to life submerged in all things Rock & Roll. Percussion credits include touring and recording with Mad Mexicans, Honchie (International World Champions of Rock Music), and extensive studio sessions. Career highlights include playing American Airlines Center, House of Blues, and almost every dive bar from coast to coast. When not playing drums and percussion, you can find him riding his Harley, working on his 1947 Cadillac or relaxing with a pretty lady and a fine cigar.
fav Crowes Album: Amorica
fave Crowes song: Can I still pick it if it's originally an Otis Redding song?
Cursed Diamond and Austin Howell have chosen to part ways as of 08.03.14. After 3 years and many gigs, the band will be moving forward with a new lead singer. We wish him luck in his endeavors and we intend to keep bringing you more and better crowes shows with our new line-up. This is not our first line-up change over the years (actually it’s the fourth), and it may not be our last. But we truly deeply love the Crowes music and we love performing it for you, and we will continue to build and improve our show to keep bringing it to you. 
For now, know that all videos and photos of the band before the above date are legacy material. We will show you new stuff as soon as we make it. As with any band, you may see any of several former members if you look through our older shows but our current line-up is posted on here and on our facebook bios and that is who you can expect to see on stage at every show. •

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