Common Ground

"And I might even find myself, but then again, what happens if I do..."

The planets aligned in 2011, with a meeting of headspace among the founding members. After jamming together at a party, the three got together to write, jam and explore the obvious chemistry. In the process, they discovered an enduring common influence, a love of the Crowes music, and all the 70s influences that are so prevalent in the Crowes vibe. Together we chose to indulge this publicly and formed CROWE SHOWE. With all the right ingredients, the band chose to go one step further and sweeten the mix with a female soul backing vocal for that Southern Harmony authenticity and a percussionist for the spicy Amorica groove. The result is the tastiest, most authentic, southern recipe, that will satisfy the appetite of the most discerning Crowes fan.

most photos Thomas E. Moore
Thomas' facebook page

David George as Chris Robinson

Lead Vocals • David's bio forthcoming
fav Crowes songs: Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye, Thorn in my Pride, A Conspiracy, & By Your Side.
fav Crowes album: Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

Charley Wiles as Marc Ford

Lead Guitar • Charley's bio forthcoming
fav Crowes album: Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
fav Crowes songs: No speak no Slave, Wiser Time, Under a Mountain, Good Morning Captain

Terry Wayne Ranson as Steve Gorman •

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The copyright and permission to repost pertains only to the performances. We are a tribute band to (the beloved) Black Crowes, and so obviously we perform their music.  
All music and songwriting credits are here attributed to The Black Crowes. Words and music by Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson (Otis Redding on Hard to Handle).
We encourage you to purchase and enjoy the original, timeless studio recordings of all of The Black Crowes albums, as well as the vast multitude of their live material available online. Please support your Black Crowes.