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Kudos to Chris, Rich, Steve, Marc, Eddie, Johnny, Sven and all the other members of The Black Crowes over the years, for laying down the vibe. Don't want to sound to corny here, but you don't do a tribute act to music that doesn't touch something in you, and we all love this stuff. We truly hope you like our version.
Cursed Diamond would also like to acknowledge Crowesbase for the wealth of information, and all our friends at


CROWESBASE.COM the Amorican archive
AMORICA2.NET the Amorican forum

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All of the material on this site is offered with the permission of Crowe Showe – a tribute to The Black Crowes, free to fans, at our expense. 
All video taped performances recorded by the band are: © CROWE SHOWE 2015 and ©2011-2014 Cursed Diamond – A tribute to the Black Crowes.
Performance videos taped by the band are property of Crowe Showe – A tribute to the Black Crowes,  however we allow reposting under creative commons with attribution.
As always we are a taper friendly band andyou may post and use any performances of the band you tape yourselves.
The copyright and permission to repost pertains only to the performances. We are a tribute band to (the beloved) Black Crowes, and so obviously we perform their music.  
All music and songwriting credits are here attributed to The Black Crowes. Words and music by Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson (Otis Redding on Hard to Handle).
We encourage you to purchase and enjoy the original, timeless studio recordings of all of The Black Crowes albums, as well as the vast multitude of their live material available online. Please support your Black Crowes.