There are many more videos than on this page. For all videos and recordings we've made available on the site, with details about the songs, click on the song title link in the Repertoire list. We've added a few random videos to this page to get you started, and an audio player down on the left.  


A Conspiracy
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
Ballad In Urgency

Black Moon Creeping
By Your Side
Come On
Cosmic Friend

Cursed Diamond
Cypress Tree

Girl from a Pawnshop
Good Friday
Good Morning Captain
Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution
Hard to handle

High Head Blues
Hotel Illness

Jealous Again
Kickin My Heart Around

My Morning Song
No Speak No Slave
Oh Josephine

P.25 London
Seeing things

She Gave Good Sunflower
She Talks To Angels
Sister Luck
Sometimes Salvation
Soul Singing
Stare it Cold
Spider In The Sugar Bowl Blues
Sting Me
Thorn In My Pride
Twice As Hard
Under A Mountain
Virtue and Vice

Wiser Time

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Our recording policy is the same as the Crowes. We are a taper friendly band that encourage their fans to audio record their performances for personal, non-commercial, home enjoyment. All portable equipment is welcome, as long as it is self contained and powered. Just respect your neighbors concerning the space you use for recording gear.

In the age of iphones it's really no longer possible to forbid still photography. If you have attended any of our shows and want to share your photos, please send them to (If there are many, you can send us a link to a zip file. ) We are happy to share most photos here online. •

All of the material on this site is offered with the permission of Crowe Showe – a tribute to The Black Crowes, free to fans, at our expense. 
All video taped performances recorded by the band are: © CROWE SHOWE 2015 and ©2011-2014 Cursed Diamond – A tribute to the Black Crowes.
Performance videos taped by the band are property of Crowe Showe – A tribute to the Black Crowes,  however we allow reposting under creative commons with attribution.
As always we are a taper friendly band andyou may post and use any performances of the band you tape yourselves.
The copyright and permission to repost pertains only to the performances. We are a tribute band to (the beloved) Black Crowes, and so obviously we perform their music.  
All music and songwriting credits are here attributed to The Black Crowes. Words and music by Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson (Otis Redding on Hard to Handle).
We encourage you to purchase and enjoy the original, timeless studio recordings of all of The Black Crowes albums, as well as the vast multitude of their live material available online. Please support your Black Crowes.